PDC is committed to being in the forefront of sustainable design, and reducing their client's carbon footprint. Our goal is to meet and exceed the challenge of designing structures, whether at home or a commercial structure, that meet modern expectations while preserving to the greatest extent possible, the finite resources of our planet. Energy efficiency, environmental initiatives, and the proper material selection are a few areas evident throughout our work.


We are committed to developing a better, responsible building through sustainable design and high energy performance. Members of the PDC team have proved their excellence in global green building practices and performance by achieving LEED accreditation, and are successfully certified by the US Green Building Council, including certifications for silver and gold levels.


PDC’s approach to sustainability resonates in the DNA of the project, and is continually reevaluated to the project’s development in each phase. We determine what is achievable based on the client’s aspirations, and budget.


Initial designs will be developed incorporating industry proven concepts, which will roll over into sustainable strategies that can be developed for a particular site, specific building type, and established budget.

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