Living Spaces


Lawrenceville, NJ

Name withheld

Kitchen Expansion

50 SF

Completed 2012

Architecture / Interior Design

Quiet Intervention
When first approached by the owners of this project they had requested a simple addition to the rear of their home to expand the kitchen. Their main objective was to include an abundance of storage, better work flow, simple familiar finishes in a seamless design that integrates well within this neighborhood of 1,100 square foot ranches built in the early 50's.

We quickly saw that an addition to the rear of the home would create a deep dark space which would not be a joy to cook and socialize in. Observations told us that there was underutilized space in the existing home that could be captured, repurposed and utilized to the maximum ability. A poorly constructed breezeway between the house and the garage, a front door and vestibule that had not been used in years where captured with just a small 50 square foot addition at the side of the house to create far more functional home. The benefits of our the final design not only added a more functional kitchen, but gave the home a new appropriate front entry , a covered porch, entry foyer and a larger, more functional dining space all within an open plan concept.